Peter's story

Peter Gould is a celebrated designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. He is described by the BBC as “among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool.”

After embracing Islam over a decade ago, Peter was inspired by a series of spiritual and artistic journeys through classical cities such as Fes, Damascus, Istanbul and Mecca, resulting in a flourish of remarkable creative projects uniquely fusing traditional Islamic design elements and his own vibrant, fresh graphic styles.

"Peter is among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool."  BBC

He founded and runs a successful Sydney-based strategic branding firm which has worked with a wide and impressive spectrum of clients from global icons such as the United Nations, well-known Muslim personalities such as Sami Yusuf, governments & embassies, large commercial enterprises including Etihad Airways and household brand names such as Colgate Palmolive, amongst others.

Peter’s artwork has been commissioned by diverse clients ranging from Middle Eastern royalty to a New York billionaire, and has been exhibited in galleries around the world. He has won several awards, has launched his own apps, books and games such as Salam Sisters & Noor Quest, several online platforms including Creative Ummah, Muslim Gift Guide & Ummah Legends, teaches branding workshops around the world, presents at conferences such as the World Islamic Economic Forum & Al Jazeera Forum, is quoted in international press & publications, and is followed by over 150,000 people through social media.

He aims, through his work on creative projects, to illuminate, enrich and inspire Insha’Allah.

For regular updates visit: www.facebook.com/petergouldart