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Peter Gould’s influence extends far beyond the borders of his native Australia. His innovative, award-winning creative work is highly sought after globally. Peter has touched many international audiences through interviews, speaking engagements, graphic design workshops and projects, art exhibitions, branding workshops and publications. “My intention is to develop the world’s most exciting and respected Muslim-oriented brands, products and creative experiences, insha’Allah,” he shares.

Peter’s work has international reach, which has influenced tens of thousands. He has become a household name in many parts of the world. Peter has over 100,000 likes on his official Facebook page. His artwork, rendered in various media, has been commissioned by such diverse entities as the Australian government and the Royal House of Saudi Arabia. For over a decade, having embraced Islam in 2002, Peter (Yaseen) Gould’s unique perspective has reverberated throughout his incredible award-winning photography, shared through the lens of a devoted believer.

"Peter is among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool."  BBC

Upon graduation from the University of Technology in Sydney, Peter founded a creative studio and was commissioned by clients such as Sony, Colgate and Vodafone. Peter began traveling to the Muslim world and was inspired by cities like Fes, Damascus, Istanbul and Mecca, resulting in a remarkable visual fusion of classical Islamic design elements with his signature vibrant, fresh graphic styles. Since then he has collaborated with individuals and organizations worldwide. Recognition includes finalist in the 2013 Global Islamic Economy Awards in Dubai (with collaborator Ruh Al-Alam), and 2012 & 2013 winner of the Australian National Multicultural Marketing Award presented by the NSW Government Community Relations Commission.

Work for Sami Yusuf and EtihadSince 2003 Peter has worked with a dedicated team designing beautiful brands and experiences. His agency has a simple, honest approach to business and has worked with a broad spectrum of clients including Etihad Airways, Sami Yusuf, Zaytuna College and many others. Some recent branding and design projects include Hadith of the Day (a daily app which has over 6 million members), 5Pillars board game, the global Halal Food Festival in London, Discover Malaysia, the recently opened Islamic Museum of Australia and Afghanistan’s first stock exchange.

For the love of it

Peter Gould’s love for fun, playful ideas are evident when exploring the many venues he is working on for kids and their families. His “Kids of the Ummah” series has captured the hearts of children and adults (of all religions) worldwide, along with sourcebooks such as “Allah Loves Me,” a 250-page volume of stories and activity pages which delight as well as educate. Peter is currently launching a series of three new successfully crowdfunded apps and books for kids (and their parents): Amina’s Kitchen, Salam Sisters, and Noor Quest. Peter has also launched his own clothing label, home decor and print range.

Peter’s inspirations branch out in a myriad of ways, such as his brainchild featuring global gatherings held in different cities worldwide called Creativity and the Spiritual Path, and recent participation in two traveling exhibitions: Faith, Fashion, Fusion and Boundless Plains. His active social networking presence has resulted in such endeavors as the SalamWall project, borne in 2013 from a simple concept which has evolved into a resoundingly successful international collaboration inviting creative messages of peace from around the world, including non-Muslims.

Future thinking

pg-beach-EDIT1_TRIM1He is also a keen developer of new ideas in technology, being one of the lucky few invited by Google Glass to join the #GlassExplorers beta testing project based on Peter’s NoorGlass concept exploring the potential of glass to reduce misunderstanding of Islamic content for non-Arabic speakers in ways previously not possible.

“I love to work on creative projects that illuminate, enrich and inspire, insha’Allah,” Peter explains.

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