Design Portfolio Updates


Amer Meknes, Director, MuslimFest: "The work you did while truly magical, was substantial, and very much real.  Real in the process, the dedication, and the effect it had on the image of MuslimFest.  We truly turned heads this year.  The refreshed branding and the new website, with the help with the guys from Szello, truly expanded our organization's horizon.

Many loved the forward momentum that our new logo now embodies.  The smoothed out corners gave that little extra touch while still being true to its heritage and identity.

The simplicity of the posters made our own volunteer ask about the clutter, not missing it but rather wondering how we ever lived with it! The flyers were designed to reflect the new personality of the event.  Hip, new, cool, but still elegant. The website was transformed into something that is full of potential!  I did question the viability of the boxes concept if you remember, but once we poured content into them, the flexibility of those components truly shined! The concept was solid, versatile, and elegant!  Also the bigger than life banners impressed everyone who visited the website without exceptions..."


Shahab Malik, Marketing, Saba Homes: "Peter's design team captured the essence of the Saba vision and encapsulated it in our new corporate identity. We are excited to launch our new look and would recommend them to anybody who is looking to establish a world-class brand!" 


Dr. Mohamed Issa, President, Noor Pharmaceuticals: "Peter's studio is by far one of the most creative, responsive, easiest to work with designers I've ever worked with. Peter and his team translated  our brand into creative that was spot on which in turn communicated to our consumers exactly who we are and what to expect from the brand. We at NoorVitamins are looking forward to our long standing successful relationship with Peter and his team!"