Workshops & Presentations

Peter is often invited to present at creative and professional events around the world. Peter discusses the importance and methodology of innovative design thinking & branding practice for Islamic-oriented products, events and services. He is involved with many artistic projects,  exhibitions, collaborations and has a wide network of creative colleagues.

In 2012 he started a series of Branding Workshops that received extremely positive feedback from both experienced business professionals and new-comers alike. One participant wrote: “Your workshop was amazing.  It’s great strength is that you give a really direct, relevant, understandable explanation of what branding is. I cannot emphasis enough how hard it is to get that basic understanding, that sense of the landscape. You explained where the hills and valleys are, how the rivers run and what a traveller needs to carry when they set off. More than that, you did it clearly and concisely. Your weaving of the warp of aesthetics and visual sensibility with the weft of business acumen, marketing and technological skill to produce a fine and dense cloth was astounding.”

Peter also co-founded Creativity & The Spiritual Path, an ongoing series of events designed to connect creative Muslims and nurture creativity.

Peter Gould Branding & Design Workshop

Please contact Peter for exhibition and presentation inquiries.