December 12, 2019

2019 Moments & Reflections

In 2019, every one of us experienced a portion of success, difficulty, joy and struggle.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” - Rumi

In 2019, every one of us experienced a portion of success, difficulty, joy and struggle. Through it all, we learn and grow. We seek a place of inner gratitude and awareness of our countless blessings in both good times & tough ones. We also try to have some fun! It’s been a big year for our design studio and I thought to share some highlights, along with some personal musings & reflections.

Design from the Heart

Our Salam Sisters brand turns 1! Inspired by my two daughters, it has been a true blessing for my team & I to develop this idea from sketches to product range on shelves globally.

Meaningful Collaboration

My design team & I strive to work for inspiring companies and organisations making positive change. Here are some highlights from 2019:

State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, Dubai International Award w/ UN-Habitat and Dubai Municipality, Dubai Islamic Bank Board Game

LaunchGood,Zaytuna College Bookstore, The Living Turath

LaunchGood,Zaytuna College Bookstore, The Living Turath

Inclusive Design Education

It was a year of sharing & learning experiences. We have a responsibility to encourage a new generation of thinkers, creatives & innovators inspired from their heart.

Creative Kids Workshops, Design with Heart Online Workshop, BOLDtalks Dubai, London Maqam Centre

Global Gatherings

Spending time learning from an inspiring global community of friends, entrepreneurs, creatives and thinkers around the globe.

NYC, San Francisco, HackHalal, Dubai Meetups

Learning Highlights

Favourite Reads: Monk of Mokha, Shoe Dog, Living Presence, Ego is the Enemy

IDEO Course Completed: Designing Strategy

With Gratitude

As the year comes to a close, I am truly thankful for a wonderful team for the fun moments, and for making all of these amazing projects & opportunities possible.

We are looking forward to a fresh 2020 and have a few exciting plans to share soon! Wishing you all a beautiful end to the year.

With peace,PG

P.S. In 2020 I’ll be launching a course for creatives & entrepreneurs iA. Sign up here if you're interested to join

PG, Kyoto Japan

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