July 7, 2019

A visit to New York City

After a decade, the city has brought with it fresh inspiration.

Along with new friends who have built brilliant brands, buildings, and more.

Haute Hijab HQ

Haute Hijab's success story is one that stands out as an example to Muslim entrepreneurs across the world. Ahmed Zedan co-founder and Creative Director Gizelle Begler - amazing brand & creative team driven by excellence and a culture of authentic product innovation.

Ahmed Zedan co-founder and Creative Director Gizelle Begler

45 Park Pl. New heights.

Sharif is a visionary. He is building the tower at 45 Park Pl. It will have a masjid and museum. His passion and dedication for this journey started over 15 years ago. We visited the top level with stunning views over Manhattan. His love for the city and people is immense.

Quality craftsmanship

Loai Nassem is the designer & founder of Lomar- a clothing brand I love from Saudi. His story, dedication, creative talent and entrepreneurship success is wonderfully inspiring.


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