'NoorGlasses' concept for Google Glass

Check out my augmented reality concept accepted for the Google Glass: #ifihadglass competition.I collaborated with my friend Bahjat Alaadel on the concept, which overlays real-time digital information on normal vision.My fascination with augmented reality (AR) begun in 2003 when I created a working prototype of AR glasses using off-the-shelf parts for hardware and software. This project earned me a first class honours at the University of Technology's Bachelor of Design program, along with airtime on ABC radio and UTS media in 2004/5. The original concept can still be found online here.The Google Glass project is a collaboration with Bahjat from Uranium Pumpkin based in Los Gatos, California - Bahjat is the official applicant to the Google Glass #ifihadglass competition.

Peter Gould Google Glass
Peter Gould Islamic Designer Google Glass
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