July 7, 2019

NYC: Entrepreneurs for Social Good

Strategic Roundtable: Entrepreneurs for Social Good

At a roundtable discussion in New York organised and led by Sabiha Ansari of AMCC and Reem El Shafaki of Dinar Standard; creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals were brought together around the theme of “Muslim Entrepreneurs for Social Good.”



We’re entering a new horizon in our collective narrative where we ought to focus not on what we need, but what we can offer to the world.


And there is a lot. And we’re already doing it. From pioneers in halal & tayyib food like Saffron Road and Crescent Foods, to sustainable & modest fashion like Sukoon, and ethical finance like defynance; the heart of our shared Islamic values lends itself so seamlessly to creating thoughtful, ethical, and wholesome products and services.


Yet there is still so much more to do.


Peter was invited to present on a panel about Marketing to Muslim & Ethical Consumers, alongside Nabeel Sharif CEO of Serendipity, and Mustafa Patel from Clearoute.


With the roundtable discussion focus on “what we can offer,” leaders in various sectors mapped out ideas and solutions to various challenges. We’re looking forward to seeing what the road map looks like!

Branding & Design Workshop 

Just days after the AMCC event, Peter was invited by Hack Halal to run a workshop on Gould Studio's approach to branding and design for Muslim audiences. Which also included a panel discussion on scaling Islamic Economy startups through branding and design, with Mohammed Faris of Productive Muslim, Chris Blauvelt and Omar Hamid of LaunchGood, and Fateh Ali of CollabDeen.

"Awesome design and branding workshop. One vital takeaway—among many gems—was to find like-hearted people and collaborate to reach shared goals. We're all in the same boat trying to make the world a better place for everyone."
-Uzma Ahmad, Graphic Designer & workshop attendee

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