October 10, 2019

San Francisco: Apple HQ, Google, & Mentors

Exploring & learning from a week in the Bay Area - friends, mentors & visits to leading tech companies.

It was a brilliant week in San Francisco with visits to the headquarters of Apple and Google, and the Adobe office. 

First stop, Apple HQ. Their 'spaceship' building is truly remarkable, with a beautiful design and iconic glass walls. 



We went to Google HQ for a Barakah Culture presentation by Mohammed Faris. A beautiful & thoughtful alternative way to reimagine our approach to work. It was great to see this Islam-inspired approach to productivity given space and an audience at Google.




Adobe programs have been my daily companion for 20 years, from the beginning of my design journey to today. It was so nice to spend an afternoon with the lovely folks that make it happen. Plus a quick stop into Astrogaming, with simply the best gear for my gaming audio setup!



Last and definitely not least, the highlight of my trip was the opportunity to spend time with my teachers, mentors, and friends, Peter Sanders, Chris Blauvelt, and Haroon Sugich. Peter Sanders' new book Meeting With Mountains was shared with San Francisco at Ta'leef Collective.Back in 2009, I designed the Ta’leef logo and based my office here in San Francisco for a year alhumdulillah.

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