February 2, 2020

The Heart of Design

A unique online learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives & dreamers

The Heart of Design: Design as a Spiritual Practice is now available: www.theheartofdesign.com 

At the intersection of design, entrepreneurship and spirituality is a profound opportunity for personal and professional growth.

This course will inspire your journey towards aligning spiritual aspirations with meaningful, enriching work. Themes and topics include:

1. Embracing Design

  • Understand the role and potential of design in our world during uncertain times
  • Reframe personal goals, community and global problems as design challenges  
  • Discover and embrace Design Thinking as a transformational mindset  

2. Design with Heart

  • Align deep inner purpose and spiritual aspirations with meaningful work
  • Redefine success to consider spiritual & life goals beyond commercial outcomes
  • Envision your journey ahead with engaging, interactive learning activities                    

3. Walking the Path

  • Embrace creative & spiritual practises for fostering & maintaining energy  
  • Learn practical tools developed by Peter over years of personal experience
  • Design your personal Life Mosaic at the intersection of design & spirituality  

4. Finding the Way

  • Feel inspired by successful startup founders & established creative leaders
  • Experience entrepreneurship as a transformative, not transactional journey
  • Learn ways to overcome tribulations and setbacks on the road towards success

5. Illuminating the Road

  • Connect with inspiring, like-hearted people across the globe
  • Build a tribe and community to share and enrich your vision
  • Share in discussions with companions seeking purpose and balance  

Who is the The Heart of Design for?

The course is designed for anyone seeking to enrich their professional and personal journey. It is intended to be a welcoming, inclusive learning experience for:

  • Aspiring or established startup founders
  • Students, professionals & business owners
  • Stay-at-home parents

No prior experience is needed. You do not need to consider yourself a ‘creative’ - everyone is welcome!

Course Tutor 

Peter Gould is the founder of Zileej Studio, a boutique design team based in Dubai, Sydney & Jakarta. 

Zileej Studio creates brands with purpose, innovative products and strategic creative experiences that enable a more inclusive & representative future. Recent highlights include the Salam Sisters brand inspired by his two daughters, encouraging them to dream big. 

Over nearly 20 years, Peter’s design studio clients have included United Nations, Etihad Airways, Dubai Culture and a diverse portfolio from senior government projects to $100m startups.    

Peter’s personal spiritual journey has been a major influence on his creative work. His contribution in founding creative platforms, events and community initiatives has resulted in global recognition including a major award from the UAE Prime Minister.

He is a recipient of the Stanford Certificate of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has lectured Design Thinking at the University of Technology Sydney. Peter regularly teaches design workshops to audiences ranging from senior levels of government to classrooms over the globe.      

At the intersection of design, spirituality & entrepreneurship, Peter aims to inspire a global like-hearted movement using positive, imaginative thinking for a bright, shared future. 

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