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Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and digital artist. Over the last ten years he has been involved in the development and launch of many exciting and innovative brands and creative projects.

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  • A Rewarding Month

    Awarded by Prime Minister of the UAE

    Dubai, 5th October: Peter is the recipient of 2015 Islamic Arts Award category at the Global Islamic Economy Awards under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

    Now in its third year, the Global Islamic Economy Awards recognize innovative world-class initiatives, ideas and people that have contributed to the social and economic welfare of the Muslim population and work towards fostering prosperity, harmony and well-being for all. Previous winners in the category include Yusuf (Cat Stevens) and photographer Peter Sanders.

    "Alhumdulillah for this incredible blessing. I'd like to thank my family, my awesome creative team and the many friends and supporters who have made this possible. Now time for me to get back to work and keep trying to making cool stuff insha'Allah" - Peter Gould


    Awarded the Australian Multicultural Marketing Award

    Sydney, 12th October: Gould.Sydney received the 2015 Australian Multicultural Marketing Award in the Small Business category. They have received this award twice before, and they were humbled to receive the award for the third time now.






  • designing the future

    Islam Imagined

    "It's time to think creatively and optimistically about our future. Islam Imagined is a vision for the bright road ahead, a spark for our imagination, a fresh inspiration. Join me on this journey of discovery." - Peter Gould

    Visit to get a sneak peak at this exciting new project and subscribe for updates! Supported by Qeerad, leaders in innovation.


    Ilm Arts Festival

    Last week Peter presented his journey and creative work to an audience of thousands at the Ilm Arts Festival in Malaysia. The Festival aims to showcase some of the world's leading performers and artists.



  • Qatar, Ummah Legends & Gift Guide

    Al Jazeera Forum

    Peter was invited to present at the 9th Al Jazeera Forum in Doha, Qatar. He discussed creativity, innovation, branding & design thinking to a diverse audience of global thinkers, leaders and change makers.



    Ummah Legends

    Another exciting venture that Peter has launched this month is Ummah Legends. Teaming up with Illustrator Iman Ayoubi, the series is designed to showcase, discover and celebrate gems in Islamic history with stories and beautiful, original digital paintings.



    Muslim Gift Guide

    Peter and his team are proud to announce the public launch of! aims to build an online directory showcasing the coolest gift ideas for Muslims inshaAllah!
    We select products based on design, creativity, beauty & quality, not simply anything labelled ‘Islamic’. Too many times we’ve seen products of poor quality intended for Muslims, instead we want to celebrate and showcase the Ummah’s finest, lifting the standard higher.
    We hope it will benefit many people by showcasing the Ummah’s best brands and products in one place. It aims to link discerning shoppers with businesses around the planet, inspire entrepreneurs and young people to design high quality experiences for consumers.



    Salam Sisters & Noor Quest apps released to both Google and iTunes stores!

    Peter and his team are very excited to announce that Salam Sisters and Noor Quest are up and running in both the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play store. Salam Sisters gently introduces Islamic concepts in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters. A major bonus is the 5 read-a-long ebooks that are embedded in the app with beautiful stories based on Islamic themes and teachings. The Noor Quest app introduces basic arabic letters and Quran in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters, funky space sounds, vibrant graphics and a cool space masjid!



    Malaysian Workshop

    In March Peter teamed up with Irfan Khairi for a workshop hosted by the Institute of Marketing, Maylaysia. The two day workshop covered many aspects of strategic branding, graphic design, creative thinking, business planning & social media platforms.


  • Creative Ummah Beta

    The beta version of an exciting new Platform for Muslim Change Makers has launched. At the Dubai event, co-founder Peter Gould described how will serve as a hub for Muslims around the world to connect and share knowledge and ideas, showcase their work and participate in global challenges together.

    Peter also announced a partnership with Al Jazeera to support the next generation of creative Muslim talent - this is a fantastic way for emerging talent to get noticed and win their way to Qatar.

    Peter was also featured by the UAE National discussing the exciting new venture.



    world islamic economic forum

    Peter was invited to present inspirational workshops & branding masterclasses at the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF)'s MOCAfest in Dubai. He provided a wealth of invaluable insights, advice and ideas drawn from his own personal experiences in the industry to a series of audiences. He also provided mentoring to emerging local & international talent and helped launched several new brands.



    New Photography Prints

    A series of new photography from Peter's most recent visit to Mecca & Medina are now available to view online. The prints can also be ordered and shipped internationally.



    Qatar Visit to Sheikh Faisal Foundation

    Peter was recently commissioned by Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad Al-Thani to rebrand and develop his Foundation based in Qatar. Peter visited Doha in September to research and guide the brand development and creative process. He was also given a tour of Al Jazeera Global Headquarters & Studios while in Doha and presented with a gift from the Director of Al Jazeera Media Training & Development.




    Hajj Exhibition

    Peter was part of joint exhibition with Siddiqa Juma in London hosted by Ahlan Art. The collection spanned modern, contemporary, abstract, classical and photographical genres, with the primary focus depicting Hajj & the Kaaba. The exhibition will travel to a number of international destinations, including Dubai and Qatar.



    Halal Gems Launch

    The first fully interactive halal foodie magazine and dining guide Halal Gems has just been launched! Peter's studio helped develop the branding & creative direction featuring delicious photography and mouthwatering content served up by a team of international writers. With it's featured foodie interviews, halal dining guide and reviews, it is guaranteed to leave you hungering for more!



    Peter's Pick: Love and Light

    Spoken word artist and hip-hop poet, Baraka Blue, hails from Oakland Ca. The track, Love & Light, is a modern interpretation of the traditional Islamic prayer or dua. The video, directed by celebrated filmmaker Adam Shamash, was shot in the vibrant city of Fez, Morocco and features a host of international Muslim creatives in cameo roles. Perhaps you can spot a familiar face or two…

  • Recent Branding & Design Projects




    For regular updates visit:

  • Iqra Bookshelf


    Peter's "Iqra Bookshelf" has been shared and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people around the world since it was designed in 2011. So how did it come about? The bookshelf was actually his friend Zain’s idea, who was looking for a special feature in his new home in Sydney.

    The two collaborated and were able to bring the idea to life in a functional and beautiful way. The word Iqra (“Read”) is deeply symbolic to Muslims as it was the first word of revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad. It was a one-off fun, artistic project that embodies the intersection of creativity & spirituality that is associated with Peter’s work.

    The are currently no plans to develop the bookshelf into commercial production, however many people around the world have been inspired to create their own interpretation. If you’ve made or seen a similar version we’d love to see it!

  • Creative Ummah

    The Ummah has an incredibly rich and diverse wealth of creative expertise that spans a vast spectrum of traditional and contemporary disciplines. Much of this knowledge is not widely shared and only available upon face-to-face interaction.

    This initiative aims to provide a world first in competitive online eLearning, by establishing a global platform for people to enrol in courses that are facilitated by industry professionals and global icons. This innovative approach to online education is aimed predominantly, but not exclusively, at the Muslim community to help foster positive growth, inter-community cohesion and a much needed up-skilling and professional development on a global scale.

    With your help, will be an adaptive online eLearning platform for people to teach and share their expertise with people all over the world insha'Allah. The approach will use video tutorials, online lessons and an interactive social media learning environment.



    Salam Sisters & Noor Quest E-Books Available

    With the app development nearing completion on the way, the Salam Sisters e-books have been released on Google Play Books. Join Aquilla, Jouji, Kamilla, Zahra and Zainab in each of their own adventures! Click Here to see the Salam Sisters E-Books.

    The Noor Quest e-books have been released on Google Play Books. Join Alpha, Esma, Kiya, Meem and Zazzy in their space adventures! Click Here to see the Noor Quest E-Books.


    Amina's Kitchen App

    Kids will have fun joining Amina as she travels across the world to cook delicious international cuisine. The game is designed to help kids understand the concept of Halal and non-Halal ingredients in a fun and interactive way.


    Artwork on exhibition in Dubai & London


    Left: Peter's "Kaaba door, Mecca" limited edition print being displayed at The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion and the Ramadan Tent in Downtown Dubai. It is one of the 28 exclusive art pieces on exhibit.

    Right: Peter's recent original "Fanaa" artwork is currently being displayed at the Ahlan Art Gallery in London. The artwork is mixed media.


    Ramadan Message

    Peter is wishing everyone around the world a blessed Ramadan. "Please pray for the many people suffering in hardship and conflict. We must remain hopeful for a swift return to peace in Gaza, Syria & Iraq insha'Allah. Please give generously to your local charities providing medical aid in those areas."


  • Fun Ramadan Desktop Wallpapers

    Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Ramadan!

    To celebrate Ramadan, Peter Gould has prepared some fun, free graphics to use as backgrounds and wallpapers for desktops, phones & tablets.

    To learn more about the new Salam Sisters brand for Muslim girls please visit, and the cool new Noor Quest brand featuring Muslim kids exploring space please check out

    To contact Peter's award-winning design studio for branding and design projects, please click here.

  • Amina’s Kitchen Game Launched!

    The new game "Amina's Kitchen" (  stars Amina Elshafei, a popular figure on the Australian Masterchef cooking show. Kids will have fun joining Amina as she travels across the world to cook delicious international cuisine from Pide and Iskender in Turkey to Chickpea Salad and Stuffed Peppers in Morocco!  The game is designed to help kids understand the concept of Halal and non-Halal ingredients in a fun and interactive way.


    Muslim-oriented Design School

    Peter is currently exploring the potential for a new type of creative school & online design education platform specifically developed to meet the aspirations of Muslims developing their own brands and ideas. Having completed numerous branding and design workshops in the past few years, Peter is responding to regular requests for online resources and training.

    If the idea progresses, the intention over time is to empower students with world-class design practice, creative skills and inspirational branding advice to support the rapidly growing demand in local and international economies for quality industry professionals (especially in the rapidly emerging 'Global Islamic Economy'). It would actively nurture, foster and inspire creative talent to become leaders developing their ideas into globally exported services and brands. The approach would also be sensitive to the faith and cultural context of the students, actively encouraging spiritual aspirations of the students where appropriate.

    A survey is currently open to all, with particular focus in Malaysia and Indonesia. Please click here to complete or contact Peter directly if you would like to be involved as the concept develops insha'Allah.


    Creativity & The Spiritual Path: Sydney

    Peter & Khadija Annette will host their 7th CSP event in Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 3rd, 2014. Creativity & the Spiritual Path (CSP) is ongoing series of events designed to nurture and cultivate creativity among Muslims around the globe, both individually and collectively. Special guests include legendary photographer Peter Sanders and hip-hop artist Baraka Blue. Tickets are available but are expected to sell out.


    Selected Branding & Design Projects



  • Cool next-generation Muslim kids apps!

    Peter's series of apps for Muslim kids offer fun, unique learning experiences that help promote confidence with Islamic identity and  familiarity with Muslim themes. 

    Peter Gould says, "I believe our kids deserve incredible beautiful, fun & engaging beneficial app experiences that immerse them with positive messages. Muslim apps for kids shouldn't be dry and just about rituals, they need to actually be fun and cool so that kids will enjoy playing repeatedly."

    Salam Sisters

    Bismillah, calling all cool Muslim girls! Join Aquilla, Jouji, Kamilla, Zahra and Zainab, the Salam Sisters, in their 5 individual mini-game adventures! The Salam Sisters app gently introduces Islamic concepts in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters. A major bonus is the 5 read-a-long ebooks that are embedded in the app with beautiful stories based on Islamic themes and teachings.

    Download today for iOS or Android:



    Amina's Kitchen

    Join Amina in her kitchen as she travels across the world to cook delicious international cuisine! Help her collect the right ingredients to cook each dish - from Pide and Iskendar in Turkey to Chickpea Salad and Stuffed Peppers in Morocco! Travel through cities in Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Morocco to explore cultures and cuisine! A great tool to help kids in learning the concept of Halal and non-Halal ingredients in a fun and interactive way.

    Download today for iOS or Android:


    NoorQuest: Muslim Space Kids

    3..2..1 Bismillah! Join the Muslimnauts Zazzy, Esmaa, Meem, Alpha and Kiya as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran! The Noor Quest app introduces basic Arabic letters and Quran in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters, funky space sounds, vibrant graphics and a cool space masjid! Bismillah, let's go!

    Download today for iOS or Android:

  • awards

    National Multicultural Marketing Award

    For a second year in a row, Peter and his team have been awarded a NSW Government National Multicultural Marketing Award. The award was won in the Small Business category for organizations with fewer than 100 staff that show creative and business excellence in culturally diverse markets.

    Peter can also be seen wearing his Google Glasses, having recently been invited to the exclusive Glass Explorer program by Google. He is currently working on ideas and concepts to use Glass in original and beneficial ways.


    Kids of the Ummah Activity Book

    After many months of work, the studio has produced a stunning 175 page Kindergarten activity book 'Allah Loves Me'.  Packed with activities, games, stories, songs, stickers, and beautifully-designed Islamic content. View more sample pages.


    Recent Project Highlights

    Faith Fashion Fusion Exhibition Wall Graphics for the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.


    Branding and product packaging for Tap Genius (Singapore)


    Peter launched his SalamWall Concept in the UK  (


    London enjoyed the Halal Food Festival featuring Peter's vibrant branding & graphic identity

  • Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

    Peter was kindly hosted by Prince Faisal, Minister for Education in Saudi Arabia to visit 'The Ultimate Journey' exhibition featuring his commissioned artwork in Madina's new Knowledge Economic City precinct. Peter also used the opportunity to visit the holy sanctuary of Mecca. Some of the photography for the tour can be seen below and on his Facebook. He also visited one of his favorite artists, Raeda Ashour, in Jeddah.


    SalamWall Project

    Peter has opened his SalamWall project which he will launch in the UK on August 10th.

    "An international collaboration inviting messages of peace from around the world! Please write your message on a sign, take a photo of yourself holding it and send your image to if you would like to be featured in the project. The SalamWall project intends to use the images on this Facebook page, and as part of international artwork projects such as a live display wall at the Milton Keanes Islamic Arts & Culture Festival in August 2013."


    Design Project Highlight

    Peter's studio designed and launched Miraj Audio, an exciting new brand based in the UK publishing high quality original audiobooks for children. The visual identity has received hugely positive feedback and will help the brand set a new benchmark for quality Muslim-oriented products and marketing.

  • workshop

    Kevin Rudd

    Peter gifted his artwork ’99 Names’ to the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd, at a function hosted by the Crescent Institute in Sydney. Mr Rudd asked Peter questions about Arabic calligraphy and the meaning of the words during a brief discussion. Peter shared his belief that artistic & creative projects can be a positive way to engage people in a better understanding of Islam, especially during times of misunderstanding.

  • Halal Food Festival

    Peter's branding studio has been busy working on some great projects recently and is the official creative partner of London's forthcoming Halal Food Festival!


    Hadith of the Day

    Peter also recently worked with the hugely popular 'Hadith of the Day' to re-design and launch it's branding system. The site has over 3 million active users and the reception of the new logo and identity system was very well received.

    Other interesting recent design & branding projects include The Afghanistan Stock Exchange, 5Pillars Board Game (Arabic Version), Amity College, projects for the Australian Federal Police, several Sydney councils, Museums and many others.




  • ‘NoorGlasses’ concept for Google Glass

    Check out Peter's augmented reality concept accepted for the Google Glass: #ifihadglass competition. Peter collaborated with his friend Bahjat Alaadel on the concept, which overlays real-time digital information on normal vision.

    Read more

  • Winner: National Multicultural Marketing Award

    Media Release: "A range of products that teach children about the world, about the alphabet and about cultural diversity, from an Islamic perspective, has won the Export Award at the National Multicultural Marketing Awards, announced at a gala dinner in Sydney tonight.

    Kids of the Ummah is a phone app, a fun party pack and an illustrated book all produced by international award-winning Muslim graphic designer, Peter Gould of Creative Cubed Design Studio, aimed at encouraging learning in a fun, multicultural environment.

    Congratulating Mr Gould, the Chair of the Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, said: “This is another wonderful indication of our maturity as a truly multicultural nation with an Australian designer producing modern, exciting, appropriate material for Muslim children and exporting it around the world.

    “It really is such a delight and a surprise to those who have not previously encountered children’s education tools aimed at Muslim children to see something which portrays the cultural diversity of Australian Muslims.

    “This is a very important demonstration of how Australians can lead the world in teaching acceptance and understanding in a fragile world. We are very diverse. The Islamic faith is very diverse. We can use our very broad cultural diversity to teach acceptance and understanding.

    “Mr Gould has told the Commission of a very broad reception and positive feedback from around the world from countries as diverse as Indonesia, Turkey, the United State and France”, he said.

    This range of products teaches all children that Islam is a world religion and is found in every part of the world. This message is underlined by the names of the characters which run from A to Z, starting with Anisa from Auburn then Bassam from Beirut and continues all the way to Zahra from Zanzibar.

    Peter Gould describes Kids of the Ummah as: “A fantastic way to introduce children to their A-Z alphabet, and their phonetic Arabic equivalents, help them become familiar with Muslim names and diverse cities and Muslim cultures around the world. The result is a powerful agent for change and a very positive export brand proudly created and based in Sydney.”

    Peter was also invited by his Local Member of Parliament to discuss the Award and news of the award appeared in local and international press.

  • Design Project Update, Turkey/UAE Visits

    Peter and his design team have been very busy recently with a series of branding & design projects.. everything from Sami Yusuf's new album artwork, advertisements for Etihad Airways, to investment platforms and halal macaron cafes!

    He was also recently consulting on projects in Istanbul, Turkey and the UAE.. stay tuned to Peter's Facebook for updates.

    Peter was also recently featured in a BBC4 Program The Future is Halal: "Peter has become the go-to designer for many international Islamic companies... he is among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool. Not just in iPad apps, but in everything from T-shirts to games


    Boundless Plains Screening in Sydney

    Join Peter at the Islamic Museum of Australia's public screening of 'Boundless Plains' - see below for details!

  • “Kids of the Ummah” Book & Apps


  • Two major exhibitions launched: ‘Boundless Plains’ and ‘Faith, fashion, fusion’

    The exhibition, documentary and book were launched on Friday with Yusuf (Cat Stevens), Senator Kate Lundy and Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour.

    Peter was also invited to create special artworks expressing and showcasing several beautiful and historically important landmarks captured on the journey. Peter says, "The artwork and photography book reflect the vibrant Muslim connections with Australia over time, a fusion of cultural and historic sites that have helped contribute to this beautiful country that I'm so proud to call home."

    Amanda Paxton, State Director of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship said "I hope that you are able to continue your great work and look forward to seeing more of it in future. Art is such a great medium for learning about other cultures in a fun and positive way."

    Read more at The exhibition will be available to the public shortly and the full Museum is planned to open 2013.


    The next day Peter helped launch Faith, fashion, fusion: Muslim women's style in Australia at Sydney's prestigious Powerhouse Museum which attracts over 600,000 visitors each year. Peter's studio was commissioned in late 2011 to help develop the exhibition branding, identity, book, exhibition graphics, children's activities and web graphics. See ABC's  7.30 Report TV press hereFree downloadable children's activity here.

    "On behalf of the Faith, fashion, fusion team at the Powerhouse Museum I would like to thank, and congratulate you on the work you and your team did on the visual identity for the exhibition, publication and web and also the lovely children’s mix and match fashion activity. Your invaluable skills have gone into making a vibrant and engaging project that is now attracting great feedback from the media, the Muslim community and the public.

    We were so delighted to have you on the team and also to be able to seek your advice on various issues. Thank for being such a patient, flexible and creative part of the team that put the exhibition together. In particular thank you for managing the many complex requests with skill and generosity."

    Glynis Jones
    Curator fashion & dress
    Powerhouse Museum

    Peter's design studio has been involved with branding, identity and publication design for over ten years. More projects can be found at the graphic design portfolio page.




  • Wall Decals, World Halal Forum & CSP:KL

    Following his recent design lecture tour in Indonesia, Peter will be speaking at the prestigious World Halal Forum in Kuala Lumpur April 2-4th..

    He will also be hosting Creativity & the Spiritual Path (CSP) at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia on April 7th. This highly anticipated event is the latest in a series of programs following successful CSP events in San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne & Toronto.