‘NoorGlasses’ concept for Google Glass

Check out Peter's augmented reality concept accepted for the Google Glass: #ifihadglass competition. Peter collaborated with his friend Bahjat Alaadel on the concept, which overlays real-time digital information on normal vision.

Peter Gould Google Glass

Peter Gould Islamic Designer Google Glass



Peter's fascination with augmented reality (AR) begun in 2003 when he created a working prototype of AR glasses using off-the-shelf parts for hardware and software. His project earned him first class honours at the University of Technology's Bachelor of Design program, along with airtime on ABC radio and UTS media in 2004/5. The original concept can still be found online here. In the years since Peter has grown his design studio and has consulted for many international brands including Etihad Airways.

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The project is a collaboration with Bahjat from Uranium Pumpkin based in Los Gatos, California - Bahjat is the official applicant to the Google Glass #ifihadglass competition.